How To Keep Synthetic Urine Warm And Pass A Drug Test

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These days, it is routine for employers to use urinalysis to test their employees for drugs. Urinalysis as a method of testing, has been favored over other methods such as blood tests. Owing to this preference, the demand for synthetic urine has risen over the years. Proper use of this product guarantees the success in a drug test.
  1. Why you should keep synthetic urine warm?
  2. What temperature sample must have?
  3. Microwaving
  4. Hand warmers
  5. Body heat
  6. Which way is the best?
  7. Can synthetic urine be reheated?

Why you should keep synthetic urine warm?

In most cases, drug testing does not involve testing for the validity of a sample. The lab staff only checks its temperature to confirm that it is not a substitute. Naturally, urine is warmed by the human’s body, so every sample that goes to the lab for testing, real or synthetic, should be warm. Otherwise, the lab will reject it.

What temperature sample must have?

The sample’s temperature must be checked in the initial four minutes after it is obtained. It may slightly vary, because it depends on the surrounding temperature. Usually, the temperature of human urine is around 35˚C (94˚F to 96˚F). For tests, a range of 32˚C to 38˚C (90˚F to 100˚F) is acceptable. Sample container cups come with in-built thermometer.

This thermometer shows the urine’s temperature when it gets into the cup. So, the real challenge in passing drug test is heating synthetic urine and keeping it warm. How do you maintain an appropriate temperature?


Microwaving synthetic urine is one of the most common ways to keep it warm, since everyone has a microwave oven at home nowadays. Hence, the method will not strain your pockets. The procedure is also very easy to do. Put the fake pee into a plastic container and heat it for 10 seconds. After heating, use the temperature strip to check if it is ready for use and let it cool down if necessary. Remember that too much heat destroys synthetic urine so do not heat it for more than 10 seconds.

Hand warmers

Like the microwave, hand warmers are readily obtainable and easy to use. Also, they are small, so they have the advantage of portability. Once you transfer the synthetic urine into a sealed bag or small container, wrap it into the hand warmers and fix them with tape or elastic bands. It is important to note that hand warmers function differently. There are those that get warm quickly but ran cold after a few hours. Always select a warmer that maintains heat between 90˚F and 100˚F. As earlier mentioned, this is the perfect range of temperature for urine. If you need to use them for long hours, be sure to buy those that maintain heat for a long time.

Body heat

Own body heat is another method. All you need to do is place the synthetic urine in a closed plastic bag and keep it close to a warm part of your body to maintain the desired temperature. You can place the urine in a body part that you deem the best. While most women put it in the armpits or inside bras, most men prefer to place it in their underpants or between their inner thighs.

Which way is the best?

A combination of microwaving and using own body heat works impeccably. However, you are free to choose the method that works for you. For example, it is not always possible to have a microwave near you, so using hand warmers will be your only option.

Can synthetic urine be reheated?

Synthetic urine can be reheated. You can heat it as many times as possible, provided you do not overheat it. Fake pee can be heated in many ways like microwaving, on the stove or using heating pads. Always ensure that you heat it to a temperature between 90˚F and 100˚F before sending it to the lab. Also, it is recommended to shake it to create bubbles like in normal human urine.

In case you were not sure how to use synthetic urine for pre-employment screening, this article has just given you the perfect guide. It has been a lot of discussion on how to keep synthetic urine warm. Once you use the information shared here, you will pass your test and get a job.