Using Synthetic Urine To Pass A Drug Test

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You can find a lot of evidence online that synthetic urine does work, but successful result mainly depends on the proper usage of the product before and during the test.


When preparing for passing the test, you need to keep it as warm as the real human urine, which is naturally warmed by the body. Normally, the temperature of urine is about 94°F - 96°F (35 °C). The acceptable range of the urine temperature for the drug test (which is measured during the first 4 minutes) is 90 °F -100 °F (32°C – 38°C). Anything beyond will arise suspicion.

The best way to warm up the synthetic urine is to put it in the microwave for about 10 seconds. The tricky thing here is not to warm the urine to the unusually high temperature. To avoid this, use a temperature stick on the container and remember that too much heat will make your urine sample invalid.

Using hand warmers is a safer way to maintain proper temperature of the urine. You just need to wrap the container with the liquid into the hand warmer. Better to use one that maintains heat within the needed time range, because others may cool down after some time.

Some people prefer to keep urine warm by using the heat of their own body, which is also possible. You just need to put plastic container near the warm part of your body - it can be your armpit, inside underwear or anywhere else you prefer.


The next step is to use the previously prepared synthetic urine to substitute your sample without being noticed. The best way to do this is to use synthetic urine belt kit. It consists of the elastic belt that is comfortably worn around the waist and stretched to the needed extent, container with the urine, heat pads and the syringe that will help you easily fill and refill the container. The kit is also equipped with the tube running off the bag which can be cut to the proper length you need. Male users usually wear the kit placing urine bag against their abdomen, while female place it against their back. After you have placed the kit and cut the tube to the appropriate length you just undo the clips and let the urine flow out.

synthetic urine belt

In case of a supervised drug test for males, there is a special Whizzinator Touch kit that includes prosthetic penis with the attached container for synthetic urine. To release the flow, you just need to squeeze the head of the penis. Squeezing will open the valve letting the urine off. The kit is also equipped with the safety switch to avoid accidental spill of the urine.


Synthetic urine can be easily hidden, especially in cases when a person is not supervised during the test. The main thing to remember is that unlike real pee, synthetic urine loses its temperature very quickly after it has been poured, so you need to be quick. Synthetic urine has the same properties (look and smell) as the natural one and can be safely used as a substitute.


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