New Hampshire Senator Wants To Ban The Synthetic Urine

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Debates over the sale of synthetic urine have started in New Hampshire last week. The Republican member of state senate Jeanie Forrester has registered the bill #361 in the committee of Health and Human Services, which suggests "banning the sale of premixed synthetic urine". As she explained, people buy this substance to pass drug tests and she wants to prevent this.

Jeanie Forrester wants to ban synthetic urine

Senator Forrester drew attention to this problem after a tragedy in the family of her close friend, whose son died at the age of 21 of a drug overdose last summer. The parents never knew their son was drug addicted, since he passed all drug tests successfully, but after his death they found fake urine, that was used to alter test results, in his room.

Mrs Forrester never heard about this product before, so she claims that it does not have any legitimate use and people buy it only to falsify drug tests, what is wrong, since we know that synthetic urine has a lot of various applications, which are fully legal.

In the current edition of this bill it is said that person cannot sell, market, distribute or manufacture premixed synthetic urine in case it is intended to use for cheating the drug or alcohol screening tests. The use of this product in order to alter the drug or alcohol test results is also prohibited by this bill, what means that not only sellers, but buyers can also be held responsible. Part III of the bill sets the $500 fine for those who violates it.

The main problem of this bill now is that it does not include online sales, which are widely used, because of their confidentiality, but Senator Forrester promises to fix this issue later and ban all sales including those from online stores.

In case of approval the act must go into effect on January 1, 2017.