What Is Synthetic Urine Used For?

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Synthetic urine is a substance produced mostly for laboratory applications, but it also used in many other areas. It consists mostly of water mixed with different organic and inorganic components like urea, creatinine, uric acid, chlorides, sulfates, phosphates etc. The main advantage of the synthetic urine over the human one is that artificially manufactured product does not have any kind of waste, while the other chemical and physical characteristics remain the same. This advantage makes synthetic urine more preferable for use in areas where natural urine cannot be used because of hygiene and the risk of contracting infectious diseases. Also it has much longer shelf-life, thus easier to store and transport.

Here are the main areas where synthetic urine is used today:

1. Calibration of the urine testing equipment

The basic purpose of this substance is calibration of urine testing equipment. Human urine composition varies depending on a lot of factors, what make it not suitable for precise calibration. This make artificial pee indispensable product in every laboratory conducting urinalysis.

2. Scientific research

Scientists widely use synthetic urine for their studies and developments, for example to create new urine tests for various diseases or even study the possibility of growing plants in space.

3. Student learning

Medical students in clinical teaching laboratories also learn to conduct urine tests and experiments on artificially created urine.

4. Passing urine drug test

These days a lot of people have started using the synthetic urine for passing a drug test. The own urine sample is just substituted with synthetic one, which does not have any drug metabolites, so guarantees negative test result. The latest commercial formulas imitate genuine human urine so good, that even trained lab staff cannot detect fake. Drug testing laboratories spend lots of money to prevent this, but unsuccessfully, since usage of synthetic urine in drug tests is growing every year.

5. Testing diapers

Except lab and science application, artificial urine is also used in industry, for example testing diapers is done with the help of this substance in diapers manufacturing.

6. Testing the urine stain and odor removers

Some marketers and salesmen use synthetic urine to demonstrate the effectiveness of carpet and furniture cleaning products, especially of those aimed at removal of urine stains and odor.

synthetic urine for testing carpet cleaning solutions

7. Urine therapy

In alternative medicine urine is used traditionally for different medical and cosmetic purposes, but natural human urine disgusts some people, forcing them to look for acceptable substitutes. However, it should be noted that synthetic urine is not recommended for internal use.

8. Fetish games

Because of the same health and hygiene restrictions, the fetish community also uses synthetic urine instead of real one, what provides absolutely safe way to play and satisfy their desires.

9. Pranks

Some people like to play pranks, for example by wetting their friend's clothes or bed with urine. Fake pee is indispensable in this situation, because it makes the joke not too offensive and helps avoid big problems.

Synthetic animal urine

There is also such thing as synthetic animal urine, which can be used in few ways. The imitation pee of predators like wolves, foxes, coyotes, bobcats used as a repellent to deter such animals as deer, rabbits, rats, squirrels, that can damage houses, gardens and other property. On the other hand, smell of urine of some animals, for example doe, can attract other animals, like deer, and urine of coon or red fox masks human scent - such synthetic urine products are widely used by hunters, photographers and wildlife researchers.

synthetic coon urine