What Is Synthetic Urine?

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Synthetic urine is a substance created to simulate the appearance, chemical properties, and composition of human urine. All major components of natural urine can be found in fake pee, including urea, creatinine, uric acid, phosphates, ammonia, sulfates etc. It also has the same specific gravity and pH level.


Synthetic urine was accidentally created in 19th century during one of the chemical experiments. It has some advantages over the real urine, for example the absence of harmful impurities and long shelf life, what makes it suitable for use in various fields. Although this product is used for a lot of purposes like scientific studies and even urine therapy, it's main function is to calibrate the equipment intended for conducting urine tests in laboratories. However, it became widely known only in recent years for its effectiveness in manipulating the drug test results.

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Urine drug test is very cheap and simple, what made it the most common type of drug test. It is widely used at workplaces, schools, for athletes in sports, in forensic drug testing and other areas. It can detect almost all known prohibited substances including marijuana, meth, cocaine, synthetic drugs and steroids.

Is it detectable?

Usage of synthetic urine makes possible to alter the result of test and hide drug use, but at the same time it endangers being caught cheating. Laboratories are working hard to improve methods of detection of synthetic urine, while manufacturers are struggling to create better quality and undetectable product.

Modern synthetic urine formulas of top brands are absolutely indistinguishable from the genuine urine. The specific gravity, pH and creatinine levels, uric acid and other components are almost the same as in human urine. Moreover, even such specific substances like hormones or vitamins are sometimes added to make it look more natural.

Does it really work?

Yes, if you buy quality synthetic urine, it can really help you pass drug test. Substituting your sample is not always easy, because requires certain preparations, like preheating and attaching container with fake pee to the body, but if you will do everything properly and avoid supervising, you will pass the test. This trick will help you hide your medical history and protect your privacy from unwanted and unlawful tests.

Synthetic urine is such effective because most labs do not perform any kind of special genetic analysis on sample - they don't want spend their money for that. Such sophisticated adulteration tests are performed only in case of reasonable suspicion. So, if your urine has yellow color, temperature about 98°F, normal pH level, specific gravity and all major components, like uric acid and creatinine, it will be considered natural.

Where you can buy?

You can purchase synthetic urine legally in the most of countries all over the world. There are some states in the USA that ban synthetic urine, including New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Virginia, Maryland, Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania.

This product is available in many local stores, but the best way to buy it is using online stores, because it is confidential, convenient and guarantees top quality for reasonable price.