Does Synthetic Urine Work For A Drug Test?

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Yes, it works. Using synthetic urine is the most reliable way to pass urine drug test and protect your privacy from illegal checks. But you have to know few important details and do everything properly.

What you need to know

  1. Good synthetic urine contains uric acid. Most laboratories now test for it, so if your sample lacks uric acid, you will fail. Make sure the product you buy contains it.
  2. Quality product must include heating pad and temperature strip. Human urine has temperature about 95-100°F (36-37°C) right after urination, so your sample must be within this range. To achieve it, use heating pad or microwave or attach urine bag to yourself with special belt to use your body heat. Check sample with temperature strip to make sure it has required temperature and keep your synthetic urine warm until the test.
  3. Find out whether your test is supervised or not. It will be a problem to substitute your sample with the synthetic urine, in case you are supervised. You may need some special tools, for example rubber tube, bladder belt or even fake penis called Whizzinator to fool your supervisor.
  4. Synthetic urine has 2-3 years shelf life and does not require refrigeration or any other special maintenance. You can buy it in advance, keep in reserve and use at any time, if necessary.
  5. Buy from the trusted sellers, who sell quality products. Laboratories are constantly working on new methods of detection of synthetic urine, so situation on market may change on a sudden and product that worked before will become unreliable. Good sellers monitor the market as well as customer testimonials to sell only reliable products.

Where to buy 

I recommend buying synthetic urine in online stores, because this is comfortable and confidential way of shopping. Nobody will know about your purchase and suspect you in unusual activities.

Best product now

The best brand on the market now is Quick Fix Synthetic Urine. Its latest formula 6.1 has all necessary components and perfectly mimics all chemical and physical properties of real urine. If you do everything right and strictly follow the guideline, this product will never fail.

synthetic urine to pass drug test

When you should use it

Only if there is no other choice. If you sure that you cannot make your urine clean and you will not be supervised or you know you can somehow avoid supervisor's control. Otherwise you should use other methods, for example marijuana detox.

What are the risks?

Sometimes you can see people on various drug testing forum threads claiming that they failed test using synthetic urine, although it is technically impossible, because it does not have any drug metabolites, thus cannot produce positive result. In such cases it is usually meant that sample was rejected, because adulteration was detected. This happens only if the tested person did something wrong and used low-quality product. Adulteration tests cost money, so labs cannot perform them on every sample - they do it only on special request, when substitution is suspected. This may happen when supervisor noticed something suspicious or sample is too cold or too hot, etc. If you follow the instructions and do everything right, your sample will not be tested for adulteration.

But anyway you should know that synthetic urine is prohibited in some areas, so you must use it only in accordance with federal and state laws, otherwise you can face administrative or even criminal charges.


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