Passing A Drug Test: Synthetic Urine vs Marijuana Detox

Synthetic Urine vs Marijuana Detox

Drug tests are diagnostic assessments of biological samples to find out whether there are illegal substances in your body. In other words, your saliva, blood, hair or urine are checked to find out if you have been consuming substances that are considered illegal, such as those meant to enhance performance or those that parole officers or employers consider prohibited by the law.

Fortunately, you can pass a drug test even though you have been indulging illegal substances. In case of urine test for marijuana, you have two methods at your disposal: you could substitute your actual sample with a synthetic urine or, where this is not possible, try detox your body from all traces of marijuana that might lead to a positive result.
  1. Synthetic Urine
  2. Detox From Marijuana
  3. Which method is better?

Synthetic Urine

Contrary to popular belief, synthetic urine actually works. This product is gaining popularity very quickly and it is easy for you now to buy it in your local smoke shop or even online. Although it is a complicated way to pass a drug test, it is useful when you have been called in for a sudden analysis. Successful outcome requires some efforts on your part, so you need certain skills to do everything properly. This method requires not only fake pee, you will also need other things for it to work, such as urine holder, belt, tube, and a temperature strip to help you increase your chances of passing a drug test. Fortunately, ready-to-use kits are available on the market now, so you don't need to buy everything separately.

Without doubt, synthetic urine is an effective way to beat a drug test, and that is exactly what the manufacturers intend it to do. However, if you are interested in using this method, there are few other things you have to keep in mind.

First of all, this method is much easier if you have privacy at the time of testing. Logically, you risk being caught if at the time of providing a sample you are under supervision.

Another problem is the temperature. Fortunately, no one would suspect you have used fake urine based on just smell or color of your sample. But that does not mean that you are safe, as testing staff checks the temperature of all samples as soon as they get it. This means you have to heat your synthetic urine and keep it warm until you pass it to the sample collector. The required temperature is from 90˚F to 100˚F (32˚C to 38˚C).

And the last, with the improvements in technology, lab tests are increasingly becoming complex, therefore, an effective and reliable fake urine needs to be well formulated to help you pass the drug test. You should always check for the latest formulas of products you are going to buy.

Detox From Marijuana

Let’s face it, synthetic urine might not work in some cases. But that does not mean you are out of options as the next best alternative is THC detox. THC is one of the cannabinoids in marijuana that actually causes ‘high’, so when lab tests urine sample for marijuana it looks for THC, and if you want to pass the test, you should get rid of these toxins from the body. There are few ways to do this and your choice of detox is a matter of preference, but the best option is to combine some or even all of them. Hopefully, the following list will help you choose what works best for you.


As odd as it sounds, just drinking a lot of water or other liquids works very well. Pure water is the best option here, since taking a good amount of water helps you urinate faster and flush toxins out of your body. Drinking water stands out as the most important step in the process of detoxing from marijuana. You can also add lemon juice in the water, because it is famous for its natural detox properties. All you need is one table spoon of lemon juice, 16 oz. water and regular sips of the mixture. For the best results, drink this natural detox beverage at least one day before a test. Also, since frequent urination makes urine look pale, it is recommended to take B vitamins that color it yellow.


THC is stored in the fat cells of the body, so any physical activity that burns fat helps to detox from marijuana. But you have to remember that toxins from fat are released into the urine, so you should stop exercising at least one day before drug test and urinate frequently, thus allowing THC metabolites to leave your bladder. Also, sweat is another way out for toxins, so sweating during exercise is helpful too. For the same reason, sauna is another recommended method to detox from marijuana.

THC detox drinks

If you feel that exercising and drinking water for detox from marijuana is unreliable, and you want quick results, then you should pay attention to these products. The fast-acting formula of the THC detox drinks was designed for those who want day-of-test assurance. It is highly effective and will cleanse your urine in just few hours after you take it. If you are caught off guard and did not have time to prepare, the best time to take it is 2 hours before you are tested. Most of detox drinks work like diuretics helping you urinate faster and also prevent your body from burning fat cells, what does not allow THC metabolites to be released into the urine stream. They also include all the vitamins and minerals that are required for natural urine color.

Buying THC detox drink is definitely an alternative you should consider, since it is rated highly and according to numerous competent opinions gives the best chance to pass a drug test in case you cannot use synthetic urine.

Which method is better?

Neither the detox nor synthetic urine method is perfect. Synthetic urine works well when no one is there to watch you provide the urine sample, it is highly reliable and can be used for sudden tests, when there is no time for detox. Also, it does not require stop smoking weed. However, synthetic urine itself is illegal in some states and even its possession is considered a felony there. Using synthetic urine to pass legally administered drug tests is illegal everywhere, so you can get into trouble if your supervisor finds you using it.

On the other hand, detox method is absolutely legal and can be safely used by those who undergo supervised test. Unfortunately, it is not so reliable, requires to quit smoking weed temporarily and is not recommended for sudden tests, because requires several days for best results.

Which method is better? The choice is yours!

How To Keep Synthetic Urine Warm And Pass A Drug Test

These days, it is routine for employers to use urinalysis to test their employees for drugs. Urinalysis as a method of testing, has been favored over other methods such as blood tests. Owing to this preference, the demand for synthetic urine has risen over the years. Proper use of this product guarantees the success in a drug test.
  1. Why you should keep synthetic urine warm?
  2. What temperature sample must have?
  3. Microwaving
  4. Hand warmers
  5. Body heat
  6. Which way is the best?
  7. Can synthetic urine be reheated?

Why you should keep synthetic urine warm?

In most cases, drug testing does not involve testing for the validity of a sample. The lab staff only checks its temperature to confirm that it is not a substitute. Naturally, urine is warmed by the human’s body, so every sample that goes to the lab for testing, real or synthetic, should be warm. Otherwise, the lab will reject it.

What temperature sample must have?

The sample’s temperature must be checked in the initial four minutes after it is obtained. It may slightly vary, because it depends on the surrounding temperature. Usually, the temperature of human urine is around 35˚C (94˚F to 96˚F). For tests, a range of 32˚C to 38˚C (90˚F to 100˚F) is acceptable. Sample container cups come with in-built thermometer.

This thermometer shows the urine’s temperature when it gets into the cup. So, the real challenge in passing drug test is heating synthetic urine and keeping it warm. How do you maintain an appropriate temperature?


Microwaving synthetic urine is one of the most common ways to keep it warm, since everyone has a microwave oven at home nowadays. Hence, the method will not strain your pockets. The procedure is also very easy to do. Put the fake pee into a plastic container and heat it for 10 seconds. After heating, use the temperature strip to check if it is ready for use and let it cool down if necessary. Remember that too much heat destroys synthetic urine so do not heat it for more than 10 seconds.

Hand warmers

Like the microwave, hand warmers are readily obtainable and easy to use. Also, they are small, so they have the advantage of portability. Once you transfer the synthetic urine into a sealed bag or small container, wrap it into the hand warmers and fix them with tape or elastic bands. It is important to note that hand warmers function differently. There are those that get warm quickly but ran cold after a few hours. Always select a warmer that maintains heat between 90˚F and 100˚F. As earlier mentioned, this is the perfect range of temperature for urine. If you need to use them for long hours, be sure to buy those that maintain heat for a long time.

Body heat

Own body heat is another method. All you need to do is place the synthetic urine in a closed plastic bag and keep it close to a warm part of your body to maintain the desired temperature. You can place the urine in a body part that you deem the best. While most women put it in the armpits or inside bras, most men prefer to place it in their underpants or between their inner thighs.

Which way is the best?

A combination of microwaving and using own body heat works impeccably. However, you are free to choose the method that works for you. For example, it is not always possible to have a microwave near you, so using hand warmers will be your only option.

Can synthetic urine be reheated?

Synthetic urine can be reheated. You can heat it as many times as possible, provided you do not overheat it. Fake pee can be heated in many ways like microwaving, on the stove or using heating pads. Always ensure that you heat it to a temperature between 90˚F and 100˚F before sending it to the lab. Also, it is recommended to shake it to create bubbles like in normal human urine.

In case you were not sure how to use synthetic urine for pre-employment screening, this article has just given you the perfect guide. It has been a lot of discussion on how to keep synthetic urine warm. Once you use the information shared here, you will pass your test and get a job.

Using Synthetic Urine To Pass A Drug Test

You can find a lot of evidence online that synthetic urine does work, but successful result mainly depends on the proper usage of the product before and during the test.


When preparing for passing the test, you need to keep it as warm as the real human urine, which is naturally warmed by the body. Normally, the temperature of urine is about 94°F - 96°F (35 °C). The acceptable range of the urine temperature for the drug test (which is measured during the first 4 minutes) is 90 °F -100 °F (32°C – 38°C). Anything beyond will arise suspicion.

The best way to warm up the synthetic urine is to put it in the microwave for about 10 seconds. The tricky thing here is not to warm the urine to the unusually high temperature. To avoid this, use a temperature stick on the container and remember that too much heat will make your urine sample invalid.

Using hand warmers is a safer way to maintain proper temperature of the urine. You just need to wrap the container with the liquid into the hand warmer. Better to use one that maintains heat within the needed time range, because others may cool down after some time.

Some people prefer to keep urine warm by using the heat of their own body, which is also possible. You just need to put plastic container near the warm part of your body - it can be your armpit, inside underwear or anywhere else you prefer.


The next step is to use the previously prepared synthetic urine to substitute your sample without being noticed. The best way to do this is to use synthetic urine belt kit. It consists of the elastic belt that is comfortably worn around the waist and stretched to the needed extent, container with the urine, heat pads and the syringe that will help you easily fill and refill the container. The kit is also equipped with the tube running off the bag which can be cut to the proper length you need. Male users usually wear the kit placing urine bag against their abdomen, while female place it against their back. After you have placed the kit and cut the tube to the appropriate length you just undo the clips and let the urine flow out.

synthetic urine belt

In case of a supervised drug test for males, there is a special Whizzinator Touch kit that includes prosthetic penis with the attached container for synthetic urine. To release the flow, you just need to squeeze the head of the penis. Squeezing will open the valve letting the urine off. The kit is also equipped with the safety switch to avoid accidental spill of the urine.


Synthetic urine can be easily hidden, especially in cases when a person is not supervised during the test. The main thing to remember is that unlike real pee, synthetic urine loses its temperature very quickly after it has been poured, so you need to be quick. Synthetic urine has the same properties (look and smell) as the natural one and can be safely used as a substitute.

New Hampshire Senator Wants To Ban The Synthetic Urine

Debates over the sale of synthetic urine have started in New Hampshire last week. The Republican member of state senate Jeanie Forrester has registered the bill #361 in the committee of Health and Human Services, which suggests "banning the sale of premixed synthetic urine". As she explained, people buy this substance to pass drug tests and she wants to prevent this.

Jeanie Forrester wants to ban synthetic urine

Senator Forrester drew attention to this problem after a tragedy in the family of her close friend, whose son died at the age of 21 of a drug overdose last summer. The parents never knew their son was drug addicted, since he passed all drug tests successfully, but after his death they found fake urine, that was used to alter test results, in his room.

Mrs Forrester never heard about this product before, so she claims that it does not have any legitimate use and people buy it only to falsify drug tests, what is wrong, since we know that synthetic urine has a lot of various applications, which are fully legal.

In the current edition of this bill it is said that person cannot sell, market, distribute or manufacture premixed synthetic urine in case it is intended to use for cheating the drug or alcohol screening tests. The use of this product in order to alter the drug or alcohol test results is also prohibited by this bill, what means that not only sellers, but buyers can also be held responsible. Part III of the bill sets the $500 fine for those who violates it.

The main problem of this bill now is that it does not include online sales, which are widely used, because of their confidentiality, but Senator Forrester promises to fix this issue later and ban all sales including those from online stores.

In case of approval the act must go into effect on January 1, 2017.

Does Synthetic Urine Work For A Drug Test?

Yes, it works. Using synthetic urine is the most reliable way to pass urine drug test and protect your privacy from illegal checks. But you have to know few important details and do everything properly.

What you need to know

  1. Good synthetic urine contains uric acid. Most laboratories now test for it, so if your sample lacks uric acid, you will fail. Make sure the product you buy contains it.
  2. Quality product must include heating pad and temperature strip. Human urine has temperature about 95-100°F (36-37°C) right after urination, so your sample must be within this range. To achieve it, use heating pad or microwave or attach urine bag to yourself with special belt to use your body heat. Check sample with temperature strip to make sure it has required temperature and keep your synthetic urine warm until the test.
  3. Find out whether your test is supervised or not. It will be a problem to substitute your sample with the synthetic urine, in case you are supervised. You may need some special tools, for example rubber tube, bladder belt or even fake penis called Whizzinator to fool your supervisor.
  4. Synthetic urine has 2-3 years shelf life and does not require refrigeration or any other special maintenance. You can buy it in advance, keep in reserve and use at any time, if necessary.
  5. Buy from the trusted sellers, who sell quality products. Laboratories are constantly working on new methods of detection of synthetic urine, so situation on market may change on a sudden and product that worked before will become unreliable. Good sellers monitor the market as well as customer testimonials to sell only reliable products.

Where to buy 

I recommend buying synthetic urine in online stores, because this is comfortable and confidential way of shopping. Nobody will know about your purchase and suspect you in unusual activities.

Best product now

The best brand on the market now is Quick Fix Synthetic Urine. Its latest formula 6.1 has all necessary components and perfectly mimics all chemical and physical properties of real urine. If you do everything right and strictly follow the guideline, this product will never fail.

synthetic urine to pass drug test

When you should use it

Only if there is no other choice. If you sure that you cannot make your urine clean and you will not be supervised or you know you can somehow avoid supervisor's control. Otherwise you should use other methods, for example marijuana detox.

What are the risks?

Sometimes you can see people on various drug testing forum threads claiming that they failed test using synthetic urine, although it is technically impossible, because it does not have any drug metabolites, thus cannot produce positive result. In such cases it is usually meant that sample was rejected, because adulteration was detected. This happens only if the tested person did something wrong and used low-quality product. Adulteration tests cost money, so labs cannot perform them on every sample - they do it only on special request, when substitution is suspected. This may happen when supervisor noticed something suspicious or sample is too cold or too hot, etc. If you follow the instructions and do everything right, your sample will not be tested for adulteration.

But anyway you should know that synthetic urine is prohibited in some areas, so you must use it only in accordance with federal and state laws, otherwise you can face administrative or even criminal charges.

Synthetic Urine Use Increases In Australia

Sudden increase in altering the workplace drug test results with help of synthetic urine was recorded in Australia this year. According to experts it was caused by the latest drug dealers innovation, who now sell this product in a kit together with drugs.

Previously synthetic urine was detected in drug tests only once a month in the whole country, but in October, there were six cases only in Western Australia, as Safework Laboratories report. And these are only detected ones - since artificial urine is hardly recognizable, most of its uses stays unknown. This company had already detected such attempts to manipulate the drug test results in Pilbara before, but the latest cases were recorded in Perth, says Andrew Leibie, the Safework Laboratories marketing director and forensic toxicologist. He also noted that the synthetic urine is mostly used by the so-called 'fly-in-fly-out' workers, who claim that drug dealers and biker gangs from Karratha and Hedland offer this product with methamphetamine as a package deal. He also added that use of this substance is not limited to few cities - it is state-wide phenomenon, which includes different locations and many companies in different industries.

drug test cup

Some cheaters use extreme measures in order to pass a drug test, like attaching vessels with synthetic pee to their body with special belts to keep it within natural human body temperature range and even using fake penises in order to fool supervisors. And they succeed: while first sudden workplace drug test gives about 10% positive results, the following ones give less than 5%, since all drug users are already prepared and substitute their samples.

This lets many employees conceal their substance abuse and even work under the influence of drugs, what carries a risk for everybody around, in case the job is dangerous. For example, in South Australia the miner who worked with explosives was tested positive for several drugs right on workplace. He was under meth, cocaine, opiates and even alcohol and yet despite the fact that he could hardly stand on his feet, he insisted that everything was fine with him and wanted to go work.

Synthetic urine is legal to sell in Australia, but when detected in drug tests, it is usually treated like a positive result. However, its detection is not an easy task, since it looks, acts and sometimes even smells exactly like real human urine.

Synthetic Urine Composition

Real human urine is very complex liquid, which consist of about 91-96% of water and the rest includes both organic and inorganic substances in approximate ratio 7/5. Most of them are either the leftovers of foods and drinks people consume or waste products of the cellular metabolism.

Organic and inorganic components

Among the organic components the most important and indispensable substances are uric acid, creatinine (hydrated form of creatine), and urea. Since urea composes about 95% of urine nitrogen, it is not necessary to add uric acid in composition, but nowadays most commercial products made specially for use in drug tests include it, because all drug testing labs test for uric acid and reject samples without it.

The main inorganic components are sulfates, phosphates, chlorides and ammonia. Ammonia, which is a toxic product of breakdown of urea, makes up very small part of human urine, so its presence in synthetic one is not required, but desirable.

Synthetic urine formula

Since the exact chemical structure of human urine varies from person to person and depends on such factors as diet, health and physical condition, the synthetic urine also does not have standard precise formula. Every manufacturer has its own patented composition. Below is one of the possible variations:

  • Organic components:
    • 6 – 9 g/L of urea
    • 0.5 – 3 g/L of creatinine
  • Inorganic components:
    • 2 g/L of potassium chloride
    • 0.5 g/L of magnesium chloride
    • 0.25 g/L of calcium chloride
    • 2 g/L of sodium sulfate
    • 0.85 g/L of ammonium phosphate
    • 0.85 g/L of ammonium diphosphate

In the simpler composition for students learning only 4 components may be used: urea, sodium chloride, potassium chloride and sodium phosphate. This will give liquid similar to urine, which can be used in laboratory experiments, but not good enough for using in drug tests.

synthetic urine composition

The specific gravity of synthetic urine must be about 1.003–1.035 and pH between 5 and 10. When used, the temperature must be between 90 – 100 °F to imitate the temperature of real human urine.

Additional components

Besides the above substances, synthetic urine can also have some extra components, for example preservatives, hormones (estrogen or testosterone), and coloring agents, such as yellow dyes, beta carotene, B vitamins etc.

Synthetic urine has evolved in many ways and today we use it in various areas, for example scientists widely use it in labs for studies and calibration of drug testing equipment. For calibration additional drugs and drug metabolites maybe added to ensure the equipment is working properly, for example THC (the main chemical substance of marijuana), deuterated THCA, morphine, heroin, amphetamine, PCP, cocaine, ethanol, benzoyl ecgonine, and the like.

In addition, there are risk that other substances like acetylsalicylic acid (also known as aspirin) can be mistaken for drugs and produce false-positive result, so they also can be added into synthetic urine and used as an alternative negative control.

Storage forms

There are 3 storage forms of synthetic urine: normal, concentrated and powdered. The powdered form can contain some heat activator - the substance that generates heat when mixed with water in order to get the desired temperature of liquid. In case of concentrated and normal form, heat activator is always stored separately and added immediately before use.

When concentrated, the synthetic urine can be in the form of paste, gel, or liquid. It can also include some carrier, like pectin matrix, which is water-soluble and does not give unusual readings during urine test.